Shadows in Dark Places (Working Title)

First page of Shadows in Dark Places


Genre: Young Adult Fiction / Fantasy

Main Characters:

  • Lily, a young orphan with a fondness for animals and a proclivity for ending up in rather unfortunate circumstances
  • Alexander Fleming, a scientist frustrated by his own futile attempts at finding a cure for a terminal illness that has taken his sister
  • Ricardo Fleming, a magician who meddles too deep despite good intentions
  • Adelle Waters, an architect whose discarded ideas have turned her to insanity
  • <Unnamed>: A mysterious man with a blackened hand appears...

Point of View: 1st person narration (Lily)

Progress: In beginning stages - up to 10,000+ words


Shadows in Dark Places is a standalone novel set one hundred years prior to the events that take place in my previously published novel A Song in the Rain. During her long journey home after she is kidnapped, Lily and her adoptive father and uncle begin to uncover a dark, unsettling story that has been weaving its way into the world and transforming peace into chaos. They must find a way secretly erect a beacon of positive energy to protect the city, and it requires uniting with animals, who appear not to be affected by the darkness...

The Wall (Working Title)


Genre: Dystopian Science Fiction

Main Character: Mallory Paige

Point of View: 1st person narration

Progress: In beginning stages - up to 6,787 words


When trying to escape her past life and her cheating husband, Mallory finds she can only go so far... when she is stopped by a literal, invisible wall that seems only to affect her. She is passed off as insane and starts to even believe it herself... until other reports start popping up, too. When everyone starts to realize that the walls are closing in, panic spreads like wildfire. Can Mallory find out why the walls exist, and how to stop them before it is too late?