A Song in the Rain




In the midst of growing chaos, a young sparrow named Sheer is haunted by visions of a mysterious, dark shroud. The murky darkness connects a cobra who enslaves dozens of woodland creatures, a war-mangled crow who uses avian blood to awaken ancient beasts, and a scarred wolf who spreads wildfire across the lands. Worst of all, there have been rumors of a mystical creature made of shadow, striking terror in the hearts of all...

Deaf, lost and alone, Sheer has no memory of his past and no idea why he is different. Yet each villain wants him dead, and he seems to be the answer to a prophecy as old as the forest itself. Sheer raises an army and becomes a beacon of hope for all of the frightened animals, but the power he gains threatens to turn him into the enemy he originally fought valiantly against. If he abuses his power and trades respect for fear, the world could fall into eternal darkness and devastation.

Join forces with the Silent Warrior, and pray it isn't too late...

Praise for A Song in the Rain

“A lyrical love letter to the underdog in which spirited sparrow Sheer reminds us that light is born from darkness and hope from despair. Despite differences and discord, there can be harmony—but only when we allow our voices to come together in a song of sacrifice and salvation. Lydia Deyes’s debut is both timeless and timely, and you’ll be bettered for having read it.”—John B. Valeri

General Information

Target Audience: Young Adult (12-15 years old / 6-10th grade, USA) and up!

Genre: Fiction - Animal/Adventure Fantasy 

Main Character: Sheer, a song sparrow.

Point of View: 1st person narration (Sheer)

Structure: Four individual parts within one cover: Snake, Crow, Wolf, and Shroud.

Progress: Originally published July 1, 2014. Reissued September 23, 2019 with major revisions and a new cover design.

ISBN:  978-1-7334776-1-1 

Cover art by Daniel Lieske


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