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 I am enthusiastic about good writing, and am willing to lend my time to help others achieve this in their own work. I read the work thoroughly and will make suggestions and corrections in the following areas:

  • Grammar: proper sentence structure, punctuation, subject/verb agreement, tense, etc.
  • Spelling & word choice
  • Plot development
  • Characterization
  • Consistency and clarity
  • Tone and voice

I will consider any work except for crude writing, erotica, spiritual horror, and fan fiction. However, I will give preference to the type of writing that I most enjoy reading: magical or adventure/epic fantasy, dystopian fiction, and planetary or robotics/automation science fiction. Any length work from a short story to full-length novel will be considered. 

If you want me to help you perfect your work, it's easy! Just send me an email with a description of your piece, a word count, and anything specific you are looking for feedback on. 

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B.L. Daniels | DETROIT 2020 (2nd Edition)

Terry Williams | Chinese Definition of a Crisis

Terry Williams | Chinese Definition of a Crisis

If you’re looking for thorough and affordable editing for your novel, Lydia Deyes is an excellent choice.

When I initially released my novel DETROIT 2020, it did not have a professional edit. Lydia did a great job performing both line edits and minor content edits to find issues with consistency and plot oversights. She did a fantastic job and when the 2nd Edition of the book was released it was a far more polished product thanks to her efforts. The work was done quickly, and with great attention to detail at a fair price. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lydia to any writer looking for editing services.

-B.L. Daniels

Terry Williams | Chinese Definition of a Crisis

Terry Williams | Chinese Definition of a Crisis

Terry Williams | Chinese Definition of a Crisis

I'm so happy to provide a testimonial for Lydia Deyes' fine editing work. She is quite approachable and has a keen eye toward helping your manuscript realize its potential. Lydia invites questions and comments on her editing during and after completion of her work. Not many editors do that. I look forward to working with her again in the near future.

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