Editing Package Options

Premium Package (Recommended)

 I want to help you make your manuscript into the best piece it can be... and that usually requires more than one pass. With this premium service, I'll walk you through the process from manuscript to polished, formatted book.  This package includes three passes. After I finish each one, you can take my edits and make changes to your own work.

  • Complete manuscript developmental editing plus personalized writing recommendations
  • Complete manuscript line editing
  • Proofreading (editing polish), plus formatting for print and eBook

The all-inclusive premium package rate is $0.025/word ($250 per 10k words).

Completing all three passes from start to finish would take approximately 14-18 weeks for a 50,000 word manuscript, not including the time you take to make changes based on my suggestions.

Combination Package (Thorough Beta Reading)

Just want me to edit your manuscript in one pass? The combination package might be for you. With this package I'll provide you with line edits as well as developmental editing comments. You can then take all of the edits and make changes to your piece on your own. You can always contact me again for additional services if you'd like me to give your work another go.

This package includes line editing and developmental editing; the rate is $0.015/word ($150 per 10k words).

It would take me approximately 10-12 weeks to edit a 50,000 word manuscript with this package.

Custom Package

If you want something different than the premium or combination package, you can always order as many editing services from the full list as you think you need. I strongly recommend asking for a free sample edit first.

Free Sample Edit

Not sure which services you need? No problem! Upon request, I will provide a free sample edit of the first 1,000 words of your book (or 10%, whichever is smaller) based on the combination package criteria. When I provide you with the results, I'll also provide a written suggestion for which services I think would best suit your manuscript.